Identity Finder Free Edition 5.2

Now Use Identity Finder for Free Start protecting your identity on your computer for free and see the power of Identity Finder.

Identity Finder Free Edition 5.2

Now Use Identity Finder for Free Start protecting your identity on your computer for free and see the power of Identity Finder. Simply download, install, and run Identity Finder on your computer to find credit cards numbers and passwords that are vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. You can search files that commonly contain private personal information such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, text, and html. Once found, use powerful tools to permanently delete files, remove passwords from Firefox and Internet Explorer for Windows, and secure sensitive information. Use additional built-in security tools like the Identity Finder File Vault and Shredder to make sure your identity is safe on your computer. To get additional search and remediation strength, explore the Home and Professional Editions. Businesses should contact Identity Finder for a free evaluation copy of Enterprise Edition. Take the first step towards protecting your family by trying Identity Finder today. Features: Search For Free Use free tools such as the File Vault to encrypt any file in Windows and the Digital Shredder to shred any file from Windows Explorer. Manage passwords securely in the Password Vault. Find Personal Information Search within files and web browsers to find unprotected Credit Card Numbers and Passwords. Protect Your Identity Secure your sensitive data by permanently shredding the items you don’t need and encrypting those that you want to keep safe. How It Works (Windows) A New Approach Despite the popularity and widespread use of many different types of computer security products, more than 10 million Americans were victims of identity fraud in 2008, an increase from 2007 by over 20%. It’s time for a fresh approach. Identity Finder introduces a new philosophy to preventing identity theft. If history has taught us anything, it is that hackers, viruses, malware, and others will always find a way onto our systems. Therefore, rather than trying to keep the bad guys out, updating signatures on a daily or hourly basis and trying to constantly stay one step ahead of legions of attackers - Identity Finder goes to the source to eliminate or protect insecure information – leaving nothing for identity thieves to steal. Comprehensive Identity Theft Prevention Technology Most people are unaware of the amount of sensitive information stored on their computer or the many locations it is saved. Identity Finder automates the discovery process by using its proprietary AnyFind technology to intelligently and automatically locate social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, driver’s licenses, dates of birth, and other private information that can be used to commit identity fraud. By searching through files, e-mail, web browsers and system areas, Identity Finder searches wide and deep to uncover the information that puts you at risk. From a password that was e-mailed in clear text, to a credit card number that was sent via instant messenger, to a social security number saved in a web browser session, Identity Finder will find and validate the information before clearly showing you the location it was found, the sensitive data itself, and the complete context surrounding the identity match. For information on Identity Finder for Mac, please click here to see How it Works on Mac OS. Advanced Search and Secure Capabilities While finding sensitive information is a critical first step, you also need a comprehensive set of tools to protect that information. Identity Finder provides these tools and makes it simple to permanently shred, scrub clean, securely encrypt, or safely quarantine anything found during the search.


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